September 2013

OSHA raising awareness of agricultural safety hazards

September 30, 2013

The agricultural industry has one of the highest workplace fatality rates in the United States, and many workers may not even beware of the risks they face while working. The...

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Government shutdown could impact workplace safety

September 17, 2013

Congress has been trying to pass a new budget deal to prevent a government shutdown. Unfortunately, recent reports show that not much progress has been made by lawmakers and the...

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OSHA proposes new rule to limit silica exposure

September 12, 2013

Last month we discussed the dangers workers in the fracturing industry face, mainly the health risks associated with silica exposure, and how current equipment does not protect workers from silica...

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List of most common workplace injuries for 2013 released

September 10, 2013

No matter what kind of work you do, you face certain types of injury risks. From traumatic industrial accidents to sitting behind a poorly designed desk over a course of...

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Workers’ Compensation Legislative Alert

September 5, 2013

Your rights are under attack in Pennsylvania! On August 6, 2013 House Bill No. 1636 was placed before The General Assembly of Pennsylvania and is set to be voted on...

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Industrial chemical accidents not accurately reported in US

September 4, 2013

Industrial chemical accidents can be very dangerous for industrial workers in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. The government tracks industrial chemical accidents in an effort to make the industrial workplace...

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Firm Update Newsletter, September 2013

September 1, 2013

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