December 2011

2012 Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Average Weekly Wage

December 28, 2011

According to the Workers' Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to indemnity (wage-loss) benefits equal to two-thirds of their weekly wage for a work-related injury. However, there are minimum and...

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Utilization Review (UR) Process

December 21, 2011

In the case Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. v. Workers' Compensation Appeal Board (Schuch), the claimant's treating doctor for depressive disorder went under Utilization Review. The findings were that the...

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Intentional Physical Stunt not within Course and Scope of Employment

December 20, 2011

In the case of Penn. State University v. Workers's Compensation Appeal Board (Smith), the Commonwealth Court reversed the Appeal Board's affirmation of a claim petition. There was overwhelming evidence showing...

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Medicare Part B Premiums lower than projected for 2012

December 16, 2011

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that Medicare Part B Premiums will be lower than projected. The Part B premiums will have a 3.6% increase to coincide...

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Workers’ Comp Claims From a Home Office Can Turn On Whether It’s “Work”

December 14, 2011

Workers' Compensation benefits are designed to help those injured at work-even if "work" means a home office. But as one recent tragic case demonstrates, injuries in the home may be...

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Returning to Work After A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Even if a doctor gives someone a "clean bill of health" to return to work following an accident, where workers' compensation benefits were collected, the injured worker still faces that...

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The Grave Danger of Workplace Dust Explosions

To the uninitiated, industrial dust may seem as harmless as the dust on the bedroom dresser. The truth is, however, that explosive dust is responsible for numerous deaths each year...

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120 Day Rule Regarding Notice of Injury

December 8, 2011

In the case Hershgordon v. Workers' Compensation Appeal Board (Pep Boys), the appeal board reaffirmed the importance of notifying the employer within 120 days of injury. The claimant filed a...

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Pennsylvania Rules Regarding Choice of Physician May be Changing for Injured Workers

December 6, 2011

When you are injured while working in Pennsylvania, you want to know that your employer will take care of you. In this tough economy, every dollar counts. Being out of...

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Notice of Compensation Denial Decision

December 2, 2011

In the case, Mason v. Workers' Compensation Appeal Board (Rothman Institute), the claimant's work injury was accepted by a Notice of Compensation Denial (NCD). During litigation of a claim petition,...

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New Attorney Maria Harris Candidate for YLD Executive Committee

December 1, 2011

Maria E. Harris is the firm's newest associate, focusing her practice on Social Security Disability and Long-Term Disability. Ms. Harris is a member of the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia...

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