Workers’ Compensation Overuse Injuries

There may not be a “smoking gun” specific incident you can point to. Maybe you first noticed the pain while you were away from work. Maybe it hurts only when you try to do your job.

Employers are suspicious of repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and look for any reason to deny these claims. The experienced attorneys of Martin Law are successful at proving the injury is real, disabling and work-related.

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Repetitive Stress Injuries

We will go to battle for you to secure your wage loss and medical benefits for any injury that develops over time, as opposed to a specific workplace accident:

Employers almost automatically question carpal tunnel syndrome and other overuse, repetitive stress, and cumulative trauma claims. They will even hire private investigators to “catch” you doing activities in your personal life that contradict your claim.

We work with your doctors to determine the extent of disability and to document that the injury is consistent with your job duties or working conditions: repeated motions, vibrating equipment, standing all day on concrete floors, unnatural bending, twisting, lifting or reaching.

We pursue total temporary disability benefits if you cannot do your job and need time off for surgery or healing, or partial disability claims if you can perform alternative work. We will assert your rights if the employer offers a light duty job that still aggravates your carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury.

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