Health Conditions Caused by Workplace Exposures

Occupational disease is a special category of workers’ compensation claims for illnesses stemming from workplace exposure to toxic materials and other health hazards.

For certain occupations or certain known hazards, the burden of proof is on the employer. Nonetheless, you should contact an attorney before serving notice of your claim. Employers and their insurance carriers will use any excuse to deny, delay or terminate these benefits.

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Workers’ Compensation For Occupational Disease

Many claims for occupational disease involve lung disease or heart disease caused by workplace exposure to:

Your health condition may be listed as an enumerated claim, which stipulates a connection between certain illnesses and specific occupations (for example, silicosis from sandblasting work, black lung disease from coal mining). There is a rebuttable presumption that your illness is work-related.

We have also won cases not specifically listed as an occupational disease, under a “catch-all” provision. With the help of expert medical testimony, our lawyers must prove:

If you are ailing and know or suspect you were exposed to hazardous substances, contact us today about your possible occupational disease claim.