The heavy machinery used in construction and other industries can be dangerous. Even with safety precautions, accidents happen. But even the smallest mistake with heavy machinery can lead to devastating injuries.

When a machinery accident happens at work and leads to an injury, workers’ compensation provides benefits to cover medical costs and lost wages. At Martin Law, our attorneys have built a reputation for providing quality representation to injured workers in the Philadelphia area. We can explain your options, protect your rights and help you secure the benefits you need.

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Types of Heavy Machinery Accidents and Injuries

The term “heavy machinery” most frequently refers to the heavy-duty machines used in construction such as:

Those are just a handful of the types of heavy machinery that are used during construction projects throughout Pennsylvania. With each of these machines and vehicles, there are risks. A co-worker or contractor incorrectly using the machine, a lack of safety precautions, a defect in the machine or a simple error can lead to serious injuries.

From traumatic brain injuries to amputation injuries, our attorneys will provide you with the advice, support and representation you need. We can help you understand the workers’ compensation process and protect your rights if you have been denied the benefits you need.

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