What If Your Injury Is Not Covered by Workers’ Comp?

If you have been injured on the job, the first question to ask is whether that injury is covered by workers’ compensation laws. While most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, there are examples of injuries that are not covered and they are generally those that were not incurred while performing job duties.

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Learn About Injuries Not Covered By Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp

Injuries that a person incurs while on the job and while performing job duties and generally covered in workers’ compensation claims. This includes any type of job site, from a retail store to an office, and also includes traveling employees who perform their duties away from their place of employment.

Examples of injuries that are not covered include those that are occurred while doing something negligent that does not fall under your job duties. For instance, if a person is hurt while roughhousing with another employee, that injury would likely not be considered for a workers’ compensation claim. In another example, if a traveling sales person is in a gas station, slips on the floor and breaks a leg, that injury would likely not qualify for workers’ compensation, although the sales person may have a separate personal injury claim.

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