Workers’ Compensation Brain Injury Claims

A head trauma may or may not cause visible harm, such as a fractured skull or facial damage. The greater concern is brain damage, which is not readily apparent even to doctors.

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Brain Injury and Head Trauma (Traumatic Brain Injury “TBI”)

Brain damage can be subtle, and is not always apparent at first. It is critical to report any accident involving a head injury to the employer. It is also important to have the person evaluated by the right doctors to diagnose the extent of injury.

If the treating doctor is not cooperative, our experienced attorneys will fight the employer’s insurance carrier for our client’s right to treat with neurologists, neuropsychologists and other specialists.

Brain damage may show up on a CT scan or MRI, but not always. There may be numerous symptoms that are revealed only through special tests or exams by qualified physicians: impaired vision, speech problems, cognitive deficits, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, problems with motor function or balance. Any of these can prevent the person from returning safely and productively to work.

Many brain injury victims also experience psychological problems outbursts, mood swings, depression or personality change. We have had success with workers’ compensation mental impairment claims arising from a work-related brain trauma.

Employers are not always sympathetic to brain injury claims, especially when the worker appears otherwise fine. We pursue access to medical care and disability benefits or settlements if your family member can’t work, and we have the experts to counter attempts to deny, reduce or terminate benefits.

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