Workers’ Compensation for Eyesight or Hearing Damage

If you lost an eye or an ear in a workplace accident, or suffered permanent damage to your vision or hearing in the course of employment, you are entitled to specific benefits under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation.

Martin Law has represented many clients in claims for eye injury, blindness, vision loss or hearing loss. Our experienced attorneys work to demonstrate to the insurance carrier that your eyesight is sufficiently damaged to meet the criteria and document the full extent of hearing loss to maximize your benefits.

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Blindness / Loss of Vision

Lost vision is a specific loss claim, paying scheduled benefits based on a percentage of your average weekly wages. Specific loss is paid on top of your regular pay or disability pay.

Visions loss claims are a yes-or-no proposition there is no pro-rated benefit for blurred vision or partial impairment. Benefits are awarded only for:

Benefits are paid for 275 weeks, plus a healing period of 10 weeks. The cause (flying object, chemical burn, accidental poking, brain damage) must be work-related.

Hearing Loss or Ear Loss

Hearing damage is also a specific loss claim, but benefits are calculated differently for hearing loss caused by specific trauma as opposed to hearing loss cause by long term exposure to loud noise:

We have represented clients who suffered hearing damage from a head injury, explosion, loud blast or other traumatic event, or from cumulative effects of workplace noise (like aircraft or machinery)

Your specific loss benefits can be taken over time or as a lump sum settlement. We can help you make that decision.

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