Workers’ Compensation Back Injury Claims

Back injuries are the most common work injury and they are hard to prove. Workers often miss many months of work. For these reasons, employers and insurance companies will try to deny the claim, limit benefits or coerce you back to work.

Martin Law will fight for your full disability benefits and proper medical treatment if you injured your neck or back at work.

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Back Injury or Neck Injury

Our firm has secured benefits and settlements for construction workers, nurses, warehouse workers, truck drivers, police officers and a wide range of employees whose duties make them susceptible to back injury including:

Diagnosis is tricky, but important. Medical scans will reveal fractures of the spine or a bulging disc, but pulled muscles, torn ligaments or pinched nerves are harder to prove. The treating doctor must be able to testify about muscle spasms, pain response, range of motion, nerve conduction tests or other evidence that the back injury is legitimate. Your work injury rights include the right to choose your own doctors.

Employers often refute that a back or neck injury is work-related. Most back injuries stem from heavy lifting or work that involves frequent lifting, bending and twisting, but the symptoms may occur hours or days later, perhaps at home. You should always report any incident or back pain to your employer, and seek medical attention if it persists or interferes with your job.

You can collect workers’ comp for pre-existing conditions if your bad back was aggravated by your current work duties.

You should contact an attorney before filing a workers’ compensation claim, especially for hard-to-prove lower back injuries or neck pain. We can help you avoid mistakes that would limit your rights, such as denial for surgical remedy or chiropractic care.

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