Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Hearing Process

It is not always easy to know what your rights are in the process of workers’ compensation, especially the hearing process in Pennsylvania. Since these benefits are so vital to pay for medical bills and lost wages, it is important to explore your rights and work with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney.

At the law firm of Martin Law, we have been working with injured workers in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. We know how the workers’ compensation system works in the state and what to do to help our clients recover the benefits they are entitled to. In order to speak with us and get your questions answered, we invite you to call our firm at 888-722-6671 or 215-587-8400.

Philadelphia Workers’ Comp Lawyers

If your claim has been denied after filing, it will generally take between one and two months to get a hearing for your workers’ compensation claim. Knowing what to expect in the hearing process can make things go smoother and can help you understand what steps to take moving forward. We can help you understand the discovery process, issues involving medical records, questions about pre-existing conditions and other matters that may arise at a hearing. We can also help you understand what to expect at the hearing itself.

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