Workers’ Compensation for Aggravation of Old Injuries

If you aggravated a pre-existing condition in the course of employment, you ARE still entitled to workers’ compensation medical care and disability benefits. Your employer and the insurance company may contest the claim, but we can help you fight back.

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Pre-Existing Conditions Cannot Be Held Against You

Under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law, your employer must provide medical care and wage benefits for aggravation of a pre-existing condition:

The pre-existing condition does not have to be related to your current employment, it could be from a genetic disease, an incident at your previous job, or an old sports injury or car accident. It does not matter whether or not the employer was aware of your condition.

However, the new injury claim must be work-related. Employers and their workers’ comp insurers commonly challenge claims and reject medical bills by arguing (a) that the injury didn’t happen at work or (b) that the injury is not disabling. Our lawyers are skilled at establishing the workplace cause, proving you can’t work and challenging “independent” medical exams.

Medical care is critical after aggravating a pre-existing condition. We protect your right to see preferred specialists to prevent further damage to your body, and your right to stay off the job until you are healed.

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