Workers’ Compensation For Injured Doctors

Doctors and other health care professionals are often on their feet for most of the day. This can take a hard toll on the body and lead to serious back and foot problems. Additionally, wet floors at a hospital, medical equipment and even the patients can cause other workplace accident hazards.

If you are a doctor and were injured at work, learn your rights by talking with an experienced attorney skilled at handling physician occupational injury cases.

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Types of Hospital Injuries

Our firm represents ER doctors, medical residents, surgeons, lab technicians and other medical professionals who have been injured on the job. We represent clients suffering from all types of injuries, including:

Repetitive Stress Injuries

A repetitive stress injury is defined as an injury sustained as the result of repeatedly performing a similar task. Surgeons, particularly, are at risk for these injuries due to long hours holding and operating small surgical tools.

If you are a medical doctor suffering from carpal tunnel or another repetitive stress injury, we encourage you to contact our firm as soon as possible. We can help ensure you recover the highest possible compensation benefits. Additionally, we will uphold your right to proper medical treatment to prevent your injury from worsening and ending your career.

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