Workers’ Compensation for Healthcare Workers

Nurses and healthcare workers have one of the highest job injury rates of all occupations, especially back injuries to those who lift and assist patients. Without proper treatment and sufficient recovery, these can become career-ending injuries.

Martin Law has extensive experience in workers’ compensation claims for those in the nursing field. Our skilled attorneys excel at proving that injuries are work-related and getting clients the disability benefits and medical care they deserve.

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Injuries to Nurses and Medical Workers

We have represented a wide range of hospital, nursing home and healthcare workers: nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and orderlies, as well as staff doctors, physical therapists, lab technicians, dental hygienists and maintenance employees.

Back injuries are by far the most common claim, from a specific work-related incident or as a cumulative stress injury. Staff shortages or realities of the moment often put nurses and care workers one-on-one with patients who are too heavy or too frail for one worker to handle. The result is herniated discs and back strains that take the person off the job for weeks, for months or permanently.

We also handle other on-the-job injuries to nurses and care center employees:

Our lawyers fight back against insurers and employers who try to deny claims, terminate benefits, limit medical treatment, or force injured nurses to return to duty too soon.

We encourage healthcare workers to contact us as soon as possible after your workplace accident or back injury symptoms. We explain your rights in a free consultation from several offices across the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties.