The Marcellus Shale formation is one of the largest natural gas drilling sites in the United States. While it promises several employment opportunities, many of the jobs do not come without a price. Working on the natural gas pipeline is dangerous, and reports of injuries have been steady since drilling began in Pennsylvania. At Martin Law, we represent workers who were hurt in the course of employment. We help our clients exercise their right to workers’ compensation benefits.

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Explosion and Fire Injuries at the Marcellus Shale Formation

Wells at the Marcellus Shale formation can run as deep as 9000 feet below the surface in order to successfully extract natural gas. Drilling one of these wells requires heavy machinery and equipment that pose safety risks for the people working on them.

At Martin Law, our work injury attorneys can handle all types of injuries to Marcellus Shale workers, including:

If you have been injured, it is important to report your accident to your employer and seek medical treatment right away. Once you have done so, we can assist you with all matters of filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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