Workers’ Compensation for Bike Messengers

With delivery apps and services becoming more and more popular, there has been a rise in the hiring of bike messengers. While there are many ways bike messengers protect themselves, like wearing bright colored vests and having reflectors on their bikes, accidents are still prone to happen. If you are a bike messenger and were injured while making a delivery and can no longer perform the duties your job requires, contact Martin Law today.

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Bike Messenger Accidents

At Martin Law, our attorneys are familiar with the injuries commonly suffered by bike messengers. These accidents are all too common in urban areas where thousands of deliveries happen every single day. We know that as a bike messenger, you are expected to avoid obstacles like pedestrians and cars and to make deliveries in a timely fashion, no matter what the weather conditions may be.  This is a lot of pressure.

Most often, bike messengers are injured in accidents like:

Some of the types of injuries bike messengers can suffer from are:

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