Administrative Support Professionals 

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Workers’ Compensation for Administrative Support Professionals 

No matter the industry, administrative support is vital to every company’s success. Working in this role can come with a lot of responsibilities. Duties can include everything from answering phones to managing calendars, scheduling, collecting information from clients and internal employees, arranging travel, planning company events, and more. Without these people, day-to-day office life would not go as smoothly. 

Though it may not seem like a dangerous job, accidents can happen. If you work in an administrative support role in Philadelphia or any of its surrounding counties, were injured on the job, and cannot perform your duties, you need to determine the compensation and benefits to which, you are entitled.

Contact Martin Law for a free consultation. We are one of the largest workers’ comp law firms in Philadelphia and southeast Pennsylvania that exclusively represents all injured workers including, administrative support professionals. With about 40 years of experience in workers’ compensation for administrative support professionals, the expert attorneys at Martin Law can help you with your claim. 

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Common Injuries and Accidents Administrative Support Professionals Experience 

At Martin Law, our worker’s comp attorneys are familiar with the accidents and injuries administrative support professionals can experience while on the clock and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your injury. 

The most common injuries administrative support professionals experience at work are caused by:  

If you experienced any of these injuries or accidents while working as an administrative support professional in Philadelphia or any of its surrounding counties, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation! Depending on your employer, you can receive compensation for lost wages, medical care, and other out-of-pocket expenses.  

Hire a Worker’s Comp Lawyer for Your Office Related Injuries

When you experience an injury at work, don’t assume that you’re covered—or not covered. Our experienced lawyers will educate you about your rights to workers’ compensation and make sure your benefits are calculated correctly. We have offices across the Philly Metro area, Malvern, Reading, Harrisburg and the Lehigh Valley. Your initial consultation is free, and we take no fees unless we secure your benefits or a settlement.