Your staff at the downtown office are very nice. Jen and Meredith have been excellent and very kind when I have called and both have helped with helping my wife’s problem and answering all my questions. In this world today it’s refreshing to have someone that makes a difference.

I am very pleased with the service I receive from this law firm. Mr. Carlson and everyone that works for him is great. I refer you guys to anyone that I know may need a lawyer and talk about you guys all the time. Thank you so much for everything.

It is very comforting knowing that my comp. case and Social Security claims are being handled by the best in the business and I have no problem referring someone to the Social Security section and the compensation department.

I thank God for lawyers like you guys to represent people in need like me. Thank you very much.

Thank you, George Martin and team. I came to your firm with huge medical bills and a career changing injury. Your compassionate, knowledgeable responses cleared all confusion and concern in my time of life changing events. I always received immediate responses to my concerns with practical, trustworthy solutions. Thank you so much for helping me and being my professional friends who guided me through to better days.

Your staff is wonderful. Every time we have a question it is answered and if they don’t have an answer they get back to us.

Your firm has been very helpful. All my wife and my questions have been answered in a professional and timely fashion.

I was referred to your firm by Peter Gardner, Esq., and have been very happy. You met with me in your Malvern office, for which I was very grateful. In meeting with three of your attorneys I have been completely satisfied. Each one made me confident and relaxed in their ability to help me. Thank you and keep up your good work. P.S.- All of your staff from telephone receptionist-secretaries-etc. were great.

Dr. Temple referred us to Mr. Huttemann. We are so happy for the way you helped us. We got excellent physical therapy, [doctor] visits and finally a settlement by a company who wanted to drop my case when they got tired of my injury. Thank you!

Mr. Alfred J. Carlson is a great [asset] to this company. He [handled] my case with great results, his team is very professional and they know what they are doing. [I’d] like to thank Paula [and] Kristi. They were so [supportive] [of] me. When I had [an] operation, they sent me a beautiful card and I will never forget that. As for me rating Al [and] his team I give them 100% [for] being a lawyer and good person. I would recommend a client or many clients to this firm. You are all great! Thank you.