I hired Martin Law, specifically Mary Lemiuex-Fillery to fight the Long Term Disability company that terminated my benefits. I had 6 months in which to file an appeal to fight the termination decision and didn’t seek out Attorney Fillery’s help until there was about 1 month left to appeal. I was scared that I didn’t leave her enough time to file an appropriate appeal. Her and her staff quickly assured me that there was plenty of time. Needless to say, the appeal was denied (which is very typical of insurance companies to do regardless of how sound an appeal is). I thought it was done and over with. I was upset because not only did I lose a monthly income, but I also lost my health insurance and life insurance. That’s when I was advised that we could go into settlement talks and even appeal again to a higher court. I was lucky enough to have her on my side because she negotiated a pretty good settlement. It ended up being more than the range that we expected. I still need to wait for life insurance coverage for a couple of more years because my disability renders me uncoverable. But with the health insurance, I got the health insurance I needed without having to pay a penny out of pocket. This offset the fact that I wasn’t getting a monthly payment and evened out in the end. I would recommend the attorneys of Martin Law to anyone who needs representation.