Veterans Benefits Eligibility

Are You Eligible for Veterans’ Benefits?

Because a variety of benefits may be available to military veterans, our attorneys often meet service people who are not taking advantage of the full extent of compensation available to them or who have been denied the benefits they deserve.

Basic eligibility duty requirements for veterans benefit programs include:

  • Served in active military duty
  • Discharged under any circumstances other than dishonorably
  • Former members of the Reserves or National Guard may qualify if they were called into active duty and completed the full period they were called or ordered to.

Please note that the aforementioned criteria represent the basic level of eligibility; many benefits programs have additional requirements.

If you were wrongly denied veterans benefits and need help appealing a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) decision, contact Martin Law. We can help you pursue all the forms of compensation you deserve. Call 215.587.8400. You may also contact us online. We represent clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

Veterans Disability Benefits

Our lawyers help with a variety of veterans benefits programs, including:

  • VA compensation
  • Veterans benefits for spouses and dependents (survivor dependency and indemnity compensation, or DIC)
  • VA pension benefits and Social Security Disability (SSD)
  • Compensation for injuries caused by the VA (military malpractice)
  • Agent Orange claims
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-related claims

If the VA has denied your claim, wrongly declaring you ineligible, then it is wise to partner with Martin Law for your appeal. Our staff includes attorney Frank J. Udinson, a VA-certified veterans benefit specialist.

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