Compensation for Injuries Caused by the VA

Veterans rely on hospitals, clinics and doctors provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to give them the medical care they need. Sadly, many veterans are harmed by VA medical errors each year. Misdiagnosis, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and surgery errors are just a few forms of medical negligence that have recently harmed Pennsylvania veterans.

At Martin Law, our experienced staff of veterans benefits attorneys understand how to expertly handle VA medical malpractice claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). Martin Law attorneys Frank J. Udinson, Joseph Ring, Elisa Advani, Joseph Huttemann, Kayla Kieszek, and Mary LeMieux-Fillery are VA-certified veterans benefits specialists, so you know your claim will be handled by a knowledgeable lawyer.

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Suing the VA for Medical Malpractice

Suing the federal government is not an easy task, but there is often no choice for military veterans who have been injured through treatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

To be successful, the VA malpractice victim must prove that his or her injuries or condition was caused by medical negligence. VA malpractice eligibility may seem straightforward, but it is often extremely difficult for veterans to prove that a particular condition or disability was caused or aggravated by the VA. Another consideration in many cases is whether the alleged harm was something the veteran could have reasonably expected to occur during VA treatment.

If you would like help with your VA medical malpractice case which should be filed as an FTCA injury claim under Section 1151 the Pennsylvania attorneys at Martin Law can help.

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