It’s a Catch-22. You need medical treatment to get better. You need medical treatment to get disability benefits. But you can’t afford health insurance or treatment because you’re not working!

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We sympathize, and we will help in any way we can. But we cannot stress enough the importance of medical treatment if you hope to win Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

Most initial claims are turned down by Social Security (with or without legal help). But our firm has a very high success rate in SSD appeals. In the few cases we do lose at the hearing level, it’s usually because of a lack of medical treatment and the records to support the claim.

Martin Law is a Philadelphia-based law firm with a team which practices only in SSD and SSI claims. We have helped thousands of clients in the Philly area and statewide Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware get benefits for a range of disabling conditions.

Getting Medical Treatment

We have an in-house medical coordinator who can assist client’s with finding a doctor in their area. During the long months of waiting for a disability hearing, we work with your doctors and forward those records to the Administrative Law Judge who will decide your case.

If you have no medical insurance, we can direct you to a local welfare agency to apply for medical assistance (Medicaid). Even if you can see your doctor once or twice during the 12 months before your hearing, it will help your case so much.

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