Proving That You Are Disabled

To qualify for Social Security Disability, a claimant must demonstrate disability. This does not mean that you are physically helpless. It means that your condition prevents you from working at your regular job or any job for at least 12 months.

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Evidence of Disability

The Social Security Administration will not simply take your word for it or even your doctor’s word for it that you are so disabled that you cannot work. The SSA requires specific documentation of a qualifying physical or mental impairment. Our firm has won benefits for a wide spectrum of disabling conditions listed under Social Security Disability (SSD).

Medical records are THE key to your case. Your doctor may say that you can’t go back to your old job. But the SSA will argue that you could work in a less demanding job, or conclude that your disability will not last 12 months. We work with your doctors to verify your disability to the satisfaction of a hearing judge.

Physicians are not always familiar with the Social Security rules. Members of our SSD team frequently visits doctors to educate them on the SSD process and the criteria and documentation requirements for various disabilities. Our Social Security Disability Handbook is found in doctor’s offices statewide.

Martin Law also has a medical coordinator on staff who may be able to assist you in finding a doctor. Our Social Security Disability staff tracks your treatment, updates your records and provides specific forms to medical providers.

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