Special Consideration for Older Disability Applicants

If you are over age 50, your chances of getting approved for Social Security Disability improve. This is especially true for people with little education or limited job skills.

Of course, over-50 disability claims are never automatic. If your claim has been turned down or you have a question about applying for benefits, contact the disability firm of Martin Law for a FREE consultation.

Over 50 Disability Claims

To get Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits you must prove that your physical or mental impairment prevents you from working at any job for 40 hours a week. The Social Security Administration takes into consideration that it is harder for people over age 50 to find jobs they can do. (And harder to recover from a disabling condition.)

The SSA relaxes the medical and vocational standards of disability for older workers:

Statistically, applicants age 50 to 54 have a higher rate of proving disability and approval for SSD than a younger person with the same disability. There is another bump in approvals at age 55, and again for applicants 60 and over.

You May Still Need Legal Help

Your odds are much better, but many over-50 disability claims are still denied on the first try. Our team practices only in Social Security Disability, and we have a very high success rate in disability hearings for people who were turned down.

Contact us at 1-888-722-6671 anytime after applying. We will manage and update your file so that we can promptly appeal if your over-50 disability claim is rejected.

There are no fees for the initial consultation and no attorney fees unless we win your case. Martin Law takes cases in the Philadelphia area and statewide Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York.