It is very discouraging to be turned down for Social Security Disability. It is also normal.

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Appealing Your Denied Claim for SSD

The vast majority of people who apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) are rejected on the initial application. Many people give up in frustration after waiting so many months. Some people try to return to work despite their disability, only to apply for SSD all over again if they can’t hold the job.

At Martin Law, our skilled Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorneys have extensive experience helping clients appeal denied SSD claims. Contact our law firm to set up a FREE initial consultation.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Appealing a denied claim for Social Security Disability is a marathon, not a sprint –  the process often takes more than a year:

  • You must first file a Reconsideration appeal to have your claim reviewed by Social Security. A small percentage of rejected claims are approved at this level.
  • Following your receipt of a denied claim, you must file a Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). In Pennsylvania, the wait time for an ALJ hearing is about 9 months. In other states, it may take around a year or longer. We can’t promise results for a specific case, but our firm has a very high success rate for our cases once we get to the hearing level.

NOTE: Although we cannot speed up the process without good cause, you may be able to qualify for an expedited hearing because of dire circumstances (foreclosure, eviction, terminal illness).

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After filing your appeal, we will contact your doctors to obtain your medical records to send to the Judge as well as seek their opinions on your disability. If your treating physician supports your disability claim, your chances of success improve dramatically. While waiting for a hearing, the single best thing you can do is keep getting treatment from your physician. We will handle the rest.

We understand you may not have health insurance and your bills are piling up. When necessary, we direct clients to community resources and public assistance programs to get medical treatment and bridge the financial gap until you qualify for SSD or SSI benefits.


No Fees Unless We Win

We offer a FREE consultation, and there is no cost up front for us to manage your case, prepare your appeal and accompany you at your disability hearing. We don’t get paid unless we appeal your denied claim and win your case.

Helping Clients in Pennsylvania Appeal Denied Claims Attorneys With Experience

We are dedicated to helping clients in Pennsylvania appeal denied claims. Lawyers at our firm can assist you at any point in the process, from initial application to appeal. Call 215.587.8400 or e-mail us today. We are based in Philadelphia and handle disability cases statewide in Pennsylvania, as well as Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.