The Pros and Cons of A Lump Sum Settlement

For some victims of a work-related injury, taking a cash settlement makes solid sense. For other injured workers, signing away future benefits and rights could be a disastrous move.

Ever since Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law was amended to allow lump sum settlements, it has been one of the first things that our clients ask about. The attorneys of Martin Law are happy to sit down with you to explain the good and the bad of settling your claim so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your family.

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CAUTION! Please do not enter a settlement (or sign anything from your employer or insurer) without contacting an attorney first. Once your rights are surrendered by your signature, it may be difficult or impossible to undo.

The law allows you to take a lump sum workers’ compensation settlement of your wage loss benefits, your medicals, or both. In exchange, you will waive the rights to additional claims and future benefits arising from that workplace injury.

Advantages of Lump Sum Settlement

Why Settlement May Not Be in Your Best Interests

Let’s Look at Your Case Together

Our attorneys bring 30 years of focused experience to your workers’ comp settlement. We consider dozens of factors before advising clients to settle: Do you plan to work? What type of injury? How much is the offer? Is the employer moving to cut off benefits? How solid is your disability claim? Who is the insurer? And what do you want?

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