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Protecting Your Work Injury Benefits

Under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to specific benefits if you are injured in any work-related capacity. Without an attorney to keep the other side honest, however, these benefits can be delayed, denied, limited, reduced or terminated prematurely.

We know this from over 30 years of experience representing injured workers in Philadelphia and southeast Pennsylvania. The best way to protect your work injury rights is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

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Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Benefits

Workers compensation provides three main types of benefits to injured workers:

  • Medical benefits – All medical expenses are covered, with no dollar limit and no time limit. Your medical coverage is automatic and immediate.
  • Wage loss benefits – You are paid weekly benefits, based on a percentage of your average weekly wages. Wage benefits are payable on the eighth day of missed work; if your disability lasts 14 days or more, benefits are retroactive to the date of the injury. Wage benefits are paid weekly or bi-weekly (the same as your regular pay).
  • Specific loss benefits – You receive extra compensation for loss of a part of your body (amputation), permanent loss of function (vision or hearing loss or paralysis), or disfigurement.

Workers’ compensation also provides death benefits to the surviving spouse and dependent children.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

  • Once you report your injury to your employer, the employer has up to 21 days to deny your claim. If you have not received benefits within that time, or received a Notice of Compensation Denial, you will need an attorney to fight for your benefits.
  • Your employer may ask you to sign certain documents or sign statements about the nature of your injuries. These can be used against you to reject or limit your benefits, and it is best to talk to a lawyer first.
  • Employers commonly miscalculate wage benefits. This could cheat you of thousands of dollars over time. Our attorneys make sure that all your income is factored in: overtime, vacation, bonuses, tips or a second job.
  • Your employer may tell you that you have to obtain treatment with their “approved” physician. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE. We assert your right to choose your own doctors. (See
    medical benefits.)
  • The insurance company may not recognize all of your injuries. If your disability pay is based on low back strain, for example, but it turns out to be a slipped disc or fractured vertebrae requiring surgery, those injuries may not be covered.
  • You may have the choice of ongoing benefits or a cash settlement up front. Our attorneys can determine if a lump sum settlement is in your best interests.

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Awards & Accomplishments

The workers' compensation attorneys at Martin Law have received numerous honors and awards—from other lawyers, neutral third-party publications and trusted consumer organizations. The achievement we are most proud of is simply being able to help the many decent, hardworking people who have suffered the misfortune of a work injury.