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If you have been injured in a workplace accident and your injury is too serious to allow you return to work now, or at any time in the near future, it is important to know what benefits you may be entitled to and how to pursue those benefits in the timeliest manner possible. Workers’ compensation is a system that is designed to help workers who have suffered a disability on the job.

If you have suffered a disability in a workplace accident, the insurance carrier will be obligated to provide benefits over a long period of time. It is important that you file a claim properly and determine benefits correctly with the help of an experienced attorney. At Martin Law, we have the experience to help you protect your rights and pursue the benefits you need.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits With a Pennsylvania Lawyer

While it is not easy to realize that you are actually disabled and that you may never return to work, it can help to know that a portion of your income will be protected for life and that your bills and other living expenses will continue to be covered.

Temporary disability benefits are, like workers’ compensation, two-thirds of a worker’s average weekly wages. The difference is that the payments for disabilities will last for the lifetime of a worker. Since the outcome of a disability claim can provide important security for you and your family, it is crucial to get a fair settlement with the help of an experienced lawyer.

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