Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Pennsylvania

It is important for injured workers to know all of their rights regarding workers’ compensation, including those that involve your status of employment. Your employer is not required to hold your job open for you or to provide you with a different job when you are ready to return after an injury. While there may be options under FMLA, there are no guarantees, and it is important to know what choices to make after a workplace accident.

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Benefits for Injured Workers in Philadelphia

The failure to accept an offer of vocational rehabilitation benefits, or an offer of short-term or long-term employment, from an employer can have an effect on possible workers’ compensation benefits. This includes the offer of a job that is suited to the physical limitations of your injuries.

If you refuse, total disability benefits will likely not be available. If an employer offers part-time employer, benefits may be adjusted to fit part-time status. Do not risk any portion of your benefits because you do not understand the law and your employer did not take the time to explain it.

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