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Long-term disability insurance is meant to provide you with financial assistance if you have an illness or injury that prevents you from working. If your claim for coverage was denied, it can be frustrating and difficult to know what steps to take next.

Unfortunately, claim denials are all too common. However, the attorneys at Martin Law can help you fight for the compensation you deserve through the appeals process. We represent clients in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. Contact our Philadelphia long-term disability appeals attorneys to discuss your claim in a FREE initial consultation.

Exhausting the Administrative Process

In most cases, before you can bring a law suit based on a denial of your long-term disability claim, you need to exhaust the administrative process outlined in your insurance policy. There are few exceptions to this rule. Together, we will follow the steps in your policy to dispute the denial of your claim. This process can vary from policy to policy and it is often confusing when trying to understand just what exactly your insurer needs to approve your claim.

At our firm, we will diligently review your plan or policy and work with you to ensure the proper steps are taken to appeal your claim. After completing this process, we can also help you with the filing of a law suit in federal court under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). If your insurance claim is not governed by ERISA, we can help you bring a claim under state insurance laws.

The Importance of Submitting Supporting Documentation

During the administrative process, it is important that you submit all supporting evidence for your claim. If litigation becomes necessary to secure your long-term disability benefits, it is most often the case that new evidence cannot be submitted during litigation. Litigation can become more difficult when there isn’t sufficient evidence to show your disability.

Your medical records should be frequently updated and you should seek continuing treatment throughout your claim for benefits. Our lawyers can help you collect and submit supporting evidence of your continuing disability during the administrative process. We will work to secure you the benefits you paid for and deserve.

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