Safety Tip: Remove Rings To Avoid Serious Injury

Ring hand prevent avulsion

How are workers’ compensation and Jimmy Fallon (star of the Tonight Show) related? They are linked by an injury known as a ring avulsion. Recently, Mr. Fallon suffered this serious injury and had to postpone the taping of his show. The same injury is commonly associated with workers’ compensation, as many jobs involving manual labor put workers at a higher risk of suffering a ring avulsion.

The most important take away from this blog? Remove your rings before doing any manual labor, or you risk losing a finger.

What Is Ring Avulsion?

Ring avulsions occur when a ring catches on something and abrupt, severe force is applied to the finger. Using Jimmy Fallon’s situation as an example: he tripped on a rug, his ring caught on the edge of a table, and as his body continued downward extreme force was applied to his ring finger. His finger was ripped out of its socket, and a surgeon had to transplant a vein from Mr. Fallon’s foot into his hand because the avulsion had done so much damage.

In many situations, those who suffer a ring avulsion do not even have the option to undergo surgery; these accidents can be so severe that fingers are ripped off, or the damage is so irreparable that the remains of the finger must be amputated.

Ring Avulsions And Workers’ Comp

Ring avulsions are prevalent in jobs that require a lot of manual labor. Construction workers, carpenters, farmers, steel mill workers, and anyone else in similar positions are at an increased risk of ring avulsions. While those who work in these types of jobs should definitely remove their rings to prevent ring avulsions, it is important to remember that no profession is 100 percent safe from the dangers of this injury and others should take precautions as needed.

What To Do After A Ring Avulsion At Work

If you have suffered a ring avulsion in the workplace (or while conducting work-related tasks), you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp benefits can help you pay for your recovery and day-to-day bills while you recover from your injury. It is important that you follow specific rules in order to remain eligible for workers’ comp, and it can be difficult to know what those rules are without the help of a trusted workers’ comp lawyer. At Martin Law, we can help you understand what you must do to obtain the benefits you need – call us to get a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys.