September 2014

Treatment costs can leave cancer survivors facing heavy debt

September 30, 2014

Cancer claims many lives. Thankfully though, there are many individuals who win their battle against cancer and survive their encounter with this terrible class of disease. However, just because a...

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Martin Law’s Matt Wilson Talks Certification on ‘CBS 3’

September 25, 2014

On September 25, Matthew Wilson made an appearance on CBS 3's Talk Philly to talk with Pat Ciarrocchi about the importance of certification when it comes to choosing an attorney...

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Appellate Court: No worker’s comp coverage for Ayurvedic medicine

September 23, 2014

Many people who suffer severe injuries find that traditional medical treatments such as medication, injections, surgery and physical therapy do not always go far enough. To supplement these treatments, they...

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Construction workers and musculoskeletal injuries

September 17, 2014

One of the most common injuries to construction workers often has the quietest beginnings. Musculoskeletal disorders are injuries to muscles, tendons, nerves, cartilage and spinal disks. These injuries can develop...

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Pennsylvania sanitation workers face risk from discarded needles

September 8, 2014

Throughout the U.S., millions of Americans use injectable needles to treat a wide range of chronic illnesses. The needle pricks that help keep these people alive and well could prove...

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Court: California FedEx drivers were misclassified as contractors

September 5, 2014

Worker misclassification is a major employment issue in the U.S. Workers who are classified as independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ compensation, health insurance and other benefits. It’s a...

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Firm Update Newsletter, September 2014

September 1, 2014

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